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Skinny Weak Pony Slave – Blazed Brat

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Leaked Video: 14:20 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Skinny Weak Pony Slave Leak I have no patience for WEAK SLOW PONY SLAVES! The video begins with my slave on his hands and knees. I lead the naked slave in circles a few times warming him up before I sit on his back with my FULL WEIGHT! I whip the slave’s ass encouraging him to go FASTER as he crawls in circles, but he is barely able to do 2 laps before stopping! I demand he does a pushup as I sit on his back and the slave falls to the floor under my weight! I humiliate the slave for being TOO WEAK and mount him once more! The pony can only do a few more laps before collapsing to the floor again, but this time, I stay seated on his back and demands he lifts ME UP! The slave manages to get me off the ground, but he is too weak to continue crawling!

The video continues as I explain to the slave, he is going to be doing some PONY PUSHUPS with me sitting on his back! I ride him over to the bench and sit lazily as the pony STRUGGLES TO LIFT ME! When he finally manages to get me off the ground, I begin counting down as the pony begins the cruel workout! I keep my FULLWEIGHT on the slave and move around from his mid-back to sitting right on his shoulders! The slave collapses, too tired to continue but I manage to get a FEW MORE push-ups out of him. When the slave is laying on the floor, too tired to move, I drag him back to his crate for the evening! – Blazed Brat Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale