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I control your pleasure – NYE 2022 – Mistress Rousson

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Leaked Video: 10:54 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – I control your pleasure – NYE 2022 Leak Start at 11.50 pm to celebrate the New Year with Me. 

In chastity? Have plans to ruin your orgasm or continue to goon in favour of orgasming? This is your 10-minute countdown clip.
The idea that I can tell you not to orgasm, and you’ll agree and deny yourself pleasure, is absolutely delicious. So, I’m going to tease you right up until the last moments of 2022, and then you’re going to deny yourself for 2023 all because I’m telling you to do so.
I also won’t be testing your commitment to merely staying on the cusp of orgasm.
No, I wouldn’t do something like that …

(This clip can be paired with My NYE hour-long countdown for 2022. It will be live shortly.) – Mistress Rousson Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale