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10 CBT Tasks – Natashas Bedroom

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Leaked Video: 37:00 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – 10 CBT Tasks Leak I’m giving you 10 painful, creative, agonizing, and totally twisted CBT tasks today. Your cock and balls are mine until you’ve done ALL TEN of these tasks. Get ready for a marathon of pain…

What will I make you do to your cock and balls exactly? Anything I want. Your body is my toy, my plaything, my bitch. I’m going to make you suffer in every way you can imagine…and in all kinds of ways you never even thought of. 

I’m going to make you hurt until you like the suffering. Until your pleading moans, begging me to have mercy, turn into whimpers of pleasure. 

These 10 tasks will push your limits. They will hurt, but that’s a good thing. Right now, hurting for me is your purpose. When the torment feels like more than you can handle, what will you do? You’ll take it all like my good little pain slut. – Natashas Bedroom Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale