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The Wife’s Erotic Evening 4K HDR – KSWifey

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Leaked Video: 14:44 min [3840×2160] Watch Full Video Online – The Wife’s Erotic Evening 4K HDR Leak “A beautiful wife receives a mysterious and unsolicited invitation while celebrating her wedding anniversary in New Orleans…” *** This is Episode 3 *** Want to discover the entire series? *** If you are a returning fan of my erotic art, please consider using the “Make it Rain” option to pay, as this will allow me to receive an 80% payout versus a 60% payout for the video sale. The “Make it Rain” tip option can be found @ – thank you! If you go this way, please send the Tip for the amount of the video and then message me the title you want, and I will send an MV Link to you along with the chance for a bonus gift! This link should come to you within a couple of hours unless I’m away dreaming naughty thoughts for my next production. The MV Link will give you complete access to stream and download the video as you usually would experience. As you can imagine, in today’s world, every bit helps! *** Interested in a video bundle? Please check out my store | *** Think I’m the perfect fit to bring your naughty fantasy to life in an erotic 4K HDR custom video? Please share your ideas with me @ *** Follow me on TWITTER @ KSWIFEYXXX *** Artist’s Profile: Whether this is your first time visiting or you have returned for more – welcome! It is a pleasure to create erotic art from the comfort of my home and share it with you. As a wife, mom and MILF, I stay pretty busy, though in the evenings, after the sun sets, it’s “lights, camera, action.” And while I’ve created for all kinds of desires, I have built a reputation for amateur Cuckolding, Interracial, Creampie Cleanup, and Taboo roleplay content with my signature ASMR sound! I suppose there is something so hot about a beautiful woman doing someone or something they shouldn’t – but after all, isn’t that what every dirty man wants – “a lady in the street but a freak in the bed”? That’s me. But in addition to spicy hot stories of Cuckoldress cheating on a boyfriend with a cute penis or a step-daughter with a bushy pussy hidden beneath her panty as she licks a submissive girl’s booty, I offer a wildly diverse collection of erotica. Whether you desire Bi Humiliation, Boss & Employee, or Wife Sharing – I invite you to take a deeper look inside my library! And yes, in case you are wondering, my cuckold knows what I do at night. It excites me to think of my house boy, his cock locked in a chastity device, listening through the door as his bisexual exhibitionist wife aggressively rides a more dominant boy toy or uses her juicy wet fingers to bring herself to a twitching orgasm. You see, I get so creamy over women with big tits, big asses, and boys who love to tie me up and squirt in my mouth. Anyway, the mind fuck doesn’t stop there for my husband because after the 4K turns off, I enjoy fucking his asshole and making him pleasure my tight pussy. Trust me; I know all about his nylons and cumswap fetish, just like he knows all about my speculum and Gloryhole fetish. And like you, I also watch Homemade Videos; some of my secret kinks are Groupsex, Compilation, and Step-Mom Shower. When I close my eyes, I dream about college and remember how younger girls introduced me to FLR and a queening stool and how older men loved to melt ice on my pink nipples – so crazy hot! If you can’t tell, I love what I do – but who am I? Well, I’m your high school prom queen, wife next door, or a Dominatrix welcoming you to her Dungeon. Will you be my stepson, fiance’s best man, or neighbor? I hope so! Do you crave submission as you confess your crossdresser fantasy, or do you prefer to dominate me as you make me wear a collar and then discipline my clitoris and labia? While still early, I’m pregnant, and yes, I’m excited for my full breasts to get bigger – lactating anyone? I love squirting my breast milk out of my pink mommy nipples and making a wet mess! So in closing, I spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and creativity on my craft, and should you like what you see and decide to buy a video, please know your support makes a big difference in my life – thank you! XoXo – KS – KSWifey Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale