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Exciting Smoking FHD – Kira Star

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Leaked Video: 08:15 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Exciting Smoking FHD Leak Custom Clip: Spiked choker, black lipstick, silver wig, and goth-style make-up. Framing from the ribs up. You smoke sensually and somewhat playfully, very slowly letting out thick clouds, smiling devilishly and laughing occasionally, as you look straight at the camera. Lean towards the camera keeping your face in the frame, letting your smoke out, first with your eyes closed and your mouth open wide, letting it show that you are really enjoying the smoke and then again letting the smoke out with an evil smile and eyes wide open fixed on the camera. Keep on smoking in this way and finally, just blow the last of it at the camera and smile with an evil look, knowing I can’t take my eyes off you. Take increasingly long and intense drags to let out thicker and thicker clouds. 

Clip Contains: smoking, smoker, cigarette, femdom, wig, gloves, custom. – Kira Star Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale