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Jingling His Balls – AkiraShell

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Leaked Video: 12:00 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Jingling His Balls Leak Surrounded by two sexy Santa’s Helpers, Maria and his girlfriend Akira, Mr. Diamond is instantly aware of their true desires- for his massive cock to be destroyed and dealt with harshly. This Christmas season, they want something large, lengthy, heavy, and challenging to be seriously battered. He also possesses the ideal traits for their ideal Christmas present- a true alpha male who’s never taken a real hard kick to the nuts- yet.

They begin to strike Mr. Diamond’s crotch with strong slaps, high kicks, and punches until he writhes in agony. Laughing sadistically, his girlfriend Akira takes great joy in watching him brought down to his knees at their feet. Finally feeling the trueforce of his girlfriend’s kicks, Mr. Diamond wonders what in the hell he got himself into by agreeing to such a thing! He leans forward and holds his nearly destroyed crotch in between kicks, attempting to spare his groin from the brutaI pummeling its receiving.

Between kicks, Akira grabs her boyfriend’s neck and brings him in for kisses- sweet sensual kisses to help distract from the throbbing aching pain as Maria demonstrates how she is capable of wrecking his huge, ol’ cock. She grabs the reindeer toy display from above the table and slams it right onto the tip of his cock, the horns tightening on his throbbing, aching balls. The poor man was powerless to resist since he knew the consequences, should they occur, will be worse than he anticipated. Gritting his teeth, he so bears all the suffering while attempting to find solace in the girls’ little kisses as he withstands a duo-punching performance from the two as a finally! Merry Christmas! – AkiraShell Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale