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Rudolph Proves That She’s The Alpha – Infinity0Whore

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Leaked Video: 10:51 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Rudolph Proves That She’s The Alpha Leak Christmas Countdown! – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Rudolph is Santa’s favourite and she knows it. She’s the alpha of the group and the rest of you are just pathetic males there for her to humiliate. She shows off about her alpha genes while writhing around and showing off her perfect little body. She begins to humiliate you, telling you that you’re a beta male and that your tiny little maggot of a cock could never please a woman so alpha and in charge as she is. She notices your tiny cock starting to get hard from her teasing and bends around to spread her arse.

She makes you lick, sniff and worship her sweaty arsehole while insulting you and reminding you that this is all you’re good for. She tells you that you’ll never be good enough to actually fuck her and could never give her any pleasure with that tiny cock but you can worship her stinky arse and perfect body. She tells you that you’re never allowed to cum, never allowed pleasure from that little thing. She doesn’t let you forget where you stand for a second.

She turns around to spread her legs and tease you with her perfect pink pussy. As she spreads her lips to show off her glistening hole, she denies you from ever having it or even tasting it. She lifts her nylon covered feet up to your face and tells you to put her toes in your mouth and clean them too. You’re there purely to clean her smelly arse and feet and she’ll cage up your pathetic cock and never let you cum while she teases you by fucking real men.

She’s turned on from seeing you squirm and watching your sticky pre-cum drip down to the floor so she instructs you onto your knees to stick your tongue in her twitching arsehole while she makes herself cum over your pathetic face. As she holds a vibrator against her wet pussy, she gets off on insulting you. As she’s more and more cruel, she finds herself overcome with pleasure and reaches a shaking orgasm over your forehead while your tongue is deep inside her arsehole. She shows off her cute button butt one more time, reminding you to always worship it and know that you’ll never ever be allowed pussy because you’re a beta bitch. – Infinity0Whore Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale