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Ass Slave Training – Blazed Brat

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Leaked Video: 11:04 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Ass Slave Training Leak I am having a LAZY DAY at home! That means, no work, lots of relaxation, AND NO SHOWERING! Too bad for my slave because it’s HIS JOB to SMELL MY ASSHOLE! I tell him to KISS LESS AND SNIFF MORE but he keeps trying to avoid the scent of my dirty unwashed morning anus! I even SPREAD MY CHEEKS so he can get his nose nice and close! You can tell how STINKY my asshole actually is by how BADLY THE SLAVE IS GAGGING! With each sniff, he lets out a tiny gag, unable to hold back from the offputting scent!

I decided since he is having SO MUCH TROUBLE I might as well TAPE HIS MOUTH CLOSED! That way the only thing he can smell is DIRTY ASSHOLE! After taping his mouth, the camera moves up close and you see the slave taking DEEP WHIFFS and then GAGGING! I just push him to continue though, and to sniff deeper, and harder! I let him know, he will be smelling my ass ALL DAY and this is just the beginning! – Blazed Brat Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale