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Leaked Video: 29:59 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – THE “AUNT TABITHA EXPERIENCE” – HD Leak I received a phone call from my brother saying ‘my son needs to experience his Aunt Tabitha.’ He asked me to have him for a visit over the weekend knowing that I am totally inappropriate and his son, my nephew is just the right age for the full on “Auntie Tabitha Experience”. I gladly agree to keep him for the weekend.

The first morning he is in the tv room watching tv playing video games when I walk into the room completely naked and casually ask him how he slept last night.

He bashfully says fine and kind of sheepishly says to you Aunt Tabitha do you know you’re naked? I explained to him that I always walk around the house naked and we are family. I can see that it’s not bothering him as I look and point down to his hard cock poking up from his shorts.
I then sit down and pick up your phone and start to go through my texts. At some point my legs open so he can get a good glance at my pussy. I can see him looking and I can see his erection growing even bigger.

I don’t know why but I’m so horny this morning. I need to cum I usally play with my pussy in the mornings. It will be a lot more fun for me since he is there to watch.
I get my Domi vibrator and start to masturbate in front of him.

He asks if I should be doing this in front of him and I tell him it’s a perfectly natural thing sweetie. You’re just helping me.
I ask him to show me his hard cock. He does and we BOTH wind up cumming.

Later that night I walk quietly into his bedroom and notice he has a huge hard on under the covers.

I start to suck him until he wakes up and tell him “he’s going home tomorrow and Aunt tabitha is going to miss him so I want to spend a special night with him”

After I get on top of him and ride his huge cock I tell him to get on top of me. I grab my Domi once again and use it while he is stuffing my pussy with his cock. We don’t stop fucking until finally we both cum together.

I tell him to rest because his dad will be here early to pick him up then my sweet nephew asks if he can come back and visit you again. Of course ! I tell him He is my favorite nephew and there are lots of things he and Aunty Tabitha can experience and discover together . – TabithaXXX Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale