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You can’t measure up – SPH, cuckolding – MissMiserlou

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Leaked Video: 15:28 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – You can’t measure up – SPH, cuckolding Leak (This is a continuation from the video “You came crawling back” and the 21st video in an ongoing cuckolding/SPH series!) I just got out of the shower and I’m wrapped in a towel, but you really need to talk about something with me. It’s about last night. I’m totally unbothered as I recall what I was doing last night, but you shyly admit that at one point, you heard me screaming! Uhh yeah, I reply cooly, I was a bit loud, wasn’t I! You nearly burst through the door because you thought I was getting hurt, but you realized quickly enough that I was just getting fucked really intensely. I’m laughing so hard at your admission, my submissive boyfriend nearly tried to rescue me from getting dicked down too hard??? My towel has fallen away at this point (I don’t care if you see me naked because you know you can’t have me anyway) and I start to get horny all over again remembering the guy with the huge cock who fucked me last night. I’m inspired to tease you, so I make you pretend to get on top of me, pretend that you have a BIG COCK, and pretend to place it right at the entrance of my pussy. Do you see how far away your real, puny penis is from me? This is a distance that you’ll never measure up to. I put my legs on your shoulders and make you stay still while I use a vibrator, bringing myself to an intense orgasm as I describe in detail to you the power and confidence that last night’s guy fucked me with. When I’m finished, I kick you off the bed and realize… I should call him again! **Get the full series at a discount! **

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