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Tight Clothes JOI before Chastity – TheTabithaJane

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Leaked Video: 11:45 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Tight Clothes JOI before Chastity Leak You like Watching me at the gym, so I corner you and decide you can stroke for me in my super tight workout clothes. Because after this, you’ll be my little needy chastity boy only allowed to cum when I want you to and while I’m wearing tight clothes. My very form-fitting purple exercise attire makes you so horny already, especially as I show off my body in it and have you stroke for me. It doesn’t matter how stong you are physically or mentall, I know this makes you weak for me. I love leveraging that information to get what I want. Once your in chastity, you’ll make me feel good with a massage for at least an hour. Your adoration makes me feel good about myself, which makes me workout nore and that makes you needier for me in my exercise clothes. It’s a deperate cycle you can’t get away from. As you stroke, you know you wouldn’t want to though. It feels better than any other mental stmulation as I control you. With a cum countdown you explode and I prep you to clean up, get on your cage before you get hard again, and prep your massage hands. What a fun time this new chapter of your life will be, – TheTabithaJane Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale