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My 2022 – PrincessCin

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Leaked Video: 05:50 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – My 2022 Leak You can buy this clip separately or as a bundle with “Your 2022”.
My recommendation is getting both for the ultimate taste of my power-
And your weakness.

This past year has been spent admiring my oozing Divinity,
Just fetishising my success and prosperity.
It’s all about Me isn’t it?

Your weakness has been nothing but a stepping stone for Me to build My empire upon.
I have had record breaking months,
Lavish vacations, all 5 stars, all 5 digits, all sub funded.
My year has been spent getting richer and better by the fucking day,
As you just watch from the sidelines, fetishizing my wealth.

And doesn’t that make you so unbelievably weak,
Knowing how far Goddess has come, how much I’ve accomplished in just 365 days?
For the upcoming year Princess has made a new list with new hights to reach,
All on the backs of her good, obedient and obsessed boys who gain their satisfaction from watching Me flourish. – PrincessCin Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale