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A Night Out at HotWired AUDIO ONLY – MissMelancholyMoe

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Leaked Video: 25:57 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – A Night Out at HotWired AUDIO ONLY Leak Have you ever been caught in a situation where you feel horny and want to be teased.. but can’t because of various reasons? Whether it be as simple as being stuck in bed next to a partner or because your on the go due to work etc, Audio Adventures are PERFECT for lowkey kinky fun! With no video to watch you can safely listen to HOT FemDom stories (inspired by REAL LIFE experiences that I have had in My decade+ of FLR and Pro experiences) under the guise of listening to a podcast or audio book. Each Audio Adventure will be from your, the submissive’s, perspective, and will be a stand alone story that features a couple kinks or fetishes. This is also an AMAZING way to try a new kink or fetish without the shock factor of visuals. -*This Audio Adventure is set in a not so distant future inspired by cyberpunk and dystopian media. you are just finishing up a black-market theft job with a buddy of yours when he suggests visiting the secretive yet well known, night club across thew street from the drop point. Normally, you wouldn’t be allowed into such a place, but your friend is well connected and flush with credits. you’re SUPER excited because this is the opportunity you have been waiting for; a chance to talk to your dream girl. you’ve been watching Her come and go from this club for years and in your mind, you’ve convinced yourself that ya’ll would be perfect for each other… your friend leads you across the street, into the bar and up the secret staircase.. what happens next?*- – MissMelancholyMoe Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale