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Beg me to not K I L L you tiny bag! Gian – KateRoss

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Leaked Video: 03:47 min [1280×720] Watch Full Video Online – Beg me to not K I L L you tiny bag! Gian Leak Wow, how did you get so small? Look at you… You’re like a disgusting little insect. I really have the urge to crush you! Your last breath will be under my shoes. You are going to have to worship me like a Goddess now if you want any chance of staying alive. You really are a loser, no one would even miss you after you’re gone. No one would even notice that you’re gone. I could eat you and NO one would know (except all of my girlfriends that I tell about it). Oh we’ll have a good laugh at your expense! Look up at me… Take a look at what you’ll never have again, remember this image. Beg me not to end your life! Say it… Say “Please don’t stomp on me Goddess, please!” HAHA, look at you! This is hilarious. You’re a disgusting little ant. Why should I keep you alive? BEG ME NOT TO K.I.LL YOU! Not good enough I’m afraid. Time to say goodbye! – KateRoss Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale