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Mommy takes care of premature son – kristinaxxx

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Leaked Video: 11:16 min [3840×2160] Watch Full Video Online – Mommy takes care of premature son Leak You come to mommy’s room and I see you look upset. Turns out that you need to cum but you don’t have anyone to help. I confess that I have read your browser history and know that you are premature and it’s obvious that you don’t have any girlfriend. Unfortunately no girl would ever want to be with a man who is unable to satisfy her. That’s why you can’t date anyone due to your embarrassment and a fear of constant rejection. But it’s ok, mommy is here to take care of you. Since you are premature, mommy is the only woman who can help you have orgasm so that’s why you are so attached with mommy and have to live all your life with her. I tease you that I know when I remove my bra and show you my big tits you won’t take more than 30 seconds to cum. I tease you in a friendly and encouraging way. I tell you that we should make a deal: if you cum in less than 30 seconds, I will fuck you. After teasing you in my bra I finally remove it and you cum so fast. I can’t hold my laugh because I think it’s so cute but I tell you it’s ok and mommy accepts you how you are. But I won and you lost and now I will fuck you. Before putting your cock inside me I tell you that I’m sure you wont hold it for a long time again even though you already had one orgasm. I tell you again that I feel sorry for you that you will never have a girlfriend but calm you down saying that premature guys have to live with their mommy always. I put your cock inside me and start riding you. I barely started increasing the pace and bouncing my tits on your cock when you already cum one more time. I smile and comment about how fast it was again and that I’m not surprised. I reassure you that it’s ok, no need to be embarrassed, mommy is always with you.

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