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Edged and Denied Cuckold – Talia Tate

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You thought you could last months, maybe even years in chastity…but unfortunately you’ve already failed at such a feat. That’s ok, I can find other ways to tease, torment, and deny you. I know the hold my stocking feet and satin panties have over you and I plan to use them to help you sink and spiral even further for me. I want you dreaming, lusting, and thinking of nothing else but being my denied cuckold. You know that skinny dick can’t do anything for me…it’s fat, long cock ONLY that fucks and fills me and you were meant to serve me and my alpha lovers in any and all ways I see fit. Whether it’s acting as our human cum rag or edging your dick into oblivion I expect you to obey, serve, and worship me. I want your mind mad with lust, your balls swollen and aching with denial, and your heart longing only to be my edged and denied cuck. – Talia Tate Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale