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Penectomy Paradox – Goddess Mya Kulpa

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Leaked Video: 12:20 min [1440×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Penectomy Paradox Leak Penectomy Paradox
I love control and I love money. And you are giving Me no where enough of either. you’re afraid of letting Me lock your cock up in chastity because you refuse (not fail) to see the bigger picture and it’s importance. So I have a dilemma you’re going to help Me solve, resolve and dissolve, quickly. What to do with that penis? …..I’m going to mush up your mind and deal out the decision. Funny, your cock’s fate rests in My hand yet only gets jerked in yours.

Fetish: Femdom POV, penectomy/castration, Female domination, Female supremacy, Femme fatale, mesmerize, mental domination, bdsm, dominatrix, sheer black pantyhose, glamour Goddess, exotic and curvy, crystal pendant, big tits, mean Girls, evil Domme – Goddess Mya Kulpa Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale