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Leaked Video: 16:36 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – IT’S A TOUGH JOB TO BE A SANTA – PART 1 Leak Hey step-sonny, your step-mommy just wants to find out if you are ENJOYING your NEW JOB as SANTA? Oh, I know it’s a tough JOB to be a SANTA! Especially, when you have a BACKGROUND of a CHRONICAL GOONER. And additionally to that you work as SANTA in LA. There are too many HOT WOMEN in BIKINIS queueing up to make a picture with you – STEP-SONNY-SANTA. Hahaha … rubbing their PUSSIES against your SANTA COCK whenever they get on you LAP. It’s so complicated to hold yourself and not to get HARD. Poor step-sonny of mine! You’d better try your BEST to CONTROL your HARD-ON there … in your SANTA PANTS. Or else you might GET FIRED and get labelled as a PERVERT. And it’s already a JAIL SENTENCE. You are not allowed to have a BONER in a PUBLIC PLACE … for everyone to see it! That’s good that you have a baggy pants as SANTA.

You know what step-sonny, your DREAM WOMAN – step-mommy wants to have a picture on your LAP too. Hahaha … I’m not wearing anything under my SKIMPY DRESS. Oh yeah, I perfectly know it how HORNY I make you. I want you to fall as a VICTIM of my SEXUALITY and I want to make you EXPOSE your GOONER NATURE publicly. I will STROKE YOUR COCK with my BARE PUSSY through your SANTA PANTS. Oh yes step-sonny, you can’t say NO. I’m a CUSTOMER too! Trust me step-sonny, I have been a VERY GOOD GIRL all this year. And I DESERVE a GIFT from you – your SANTA STICK. I want to RIDE it in front of everyone so let’s have some FUN! 

Step-sonny, I’m on your knees now and I can feel there … between my PUSSY LIPS how AROUSED you are. It’s all WET in the middle of your SANTA PANTS. Hahaha … I left a bit of my PUSSY JUICE there. But the best part of this GAME is that if I lift my ASS up everyone there … in the LINE would be able to see your BIG BULGE. And hey, there is a guy with a beard next in the line to take a picture with you! So it’s better step-sonny if you CUM now for your step-mommy. Or else you will SHOOT THAT LOAD straight onto that bearded guy’s pants. 

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