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Humiliation Junkie Down the Rabbit Hole – JessiB

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Leaked Video: 07:37 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Humiliation Junkie Down the Rabbit Hole Leak Years ago if someone said you’d be jerking off to humiliation porn you’d have said no! It might have started off with a video here and there, but it became more humiliation than regular porn. You were made to do humiliating tasks, smack your balls around, and do things that you used to never consider. Now when you hear these things you beg for more. You went down this rabbit hole, it became more of an addiction than anything else. You needed more, more humiliation, more humiliating tasks. The thought of someone being nice to you became a turn off!

You know know your place as a beta male that can’t fuck and is incredibly useless and stupid. You KNOW you’re not allowed to look at regular porn, much less naked women. You have escalated so much that the lines have blurred. You need more, so now that line is crossed, then eventually you need even more and the line moves again. You have gotten yourself in so deep that there is no leaving. You can never escape. – JessiB Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale