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Leaked Video: 11:02 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – YOUR EVIL QUEEN – SUPER VILLAINESS Leak As I watched my slave get dealt with, I stood and clicked my heels away…

One of the male prisoners has been requested by Sydney the Evil Queen, conquerer of all men and absolute ruler of the world. He served a one year prison sentence for disobedience. As it turns out however, the Queen knows that he’s innocent. But she doesn’t care. She likes the thrill of convicting a frightened innocent young man, and watching the fear in his eyes as her henchmen subject him to the most grueling consequences! 

Sydney tells him that he will indeed be released from prison, but not to freedom. No, he will be sent to toil away in the Queen’s mines as her lifelong slave! She tells him what his new slave life will be like and brags about her evil plans for the world. 

Before she sends him off, she order her guards to strip him naked, and the Queen lashes him 100 times with the whip and have him castrated. He is sent away without his manhood and dignity! – AstroDomina Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale