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Prejack Ballbusting Humiliation 4K – Emily Valentina

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Leaked Video: 14:21 min [3840×2160] Watch Full Video Online – Prejack Ballbusting Humiliation 4K Leak You’re the commander of an army, who tried (unsuccessfully) to defeat me in battle. One by one, your men were defeated, and now, you are helplessly imprisoned. I brag to you about how easy it was to defeat your soldiers. First, I used my shrink ray to shrink them all down so that their faces were level with my boobs. I used my special pheromone gas to overwhelm your men with blinding lust! I teased them with your ass and titties and made them unbearably hard, leaking precum. They tried to stop me, but they were so distracted by my goddess body that their movements were slow and clumsy, allowing me to defeat them in hand to hand combat. I defeated each soldier with a swift kick to the balls with my super strong, sexy legs. Occasionally a soldier would actually manage to grab me, but even then I would just shove your big titties in his face and make him jizz his pants so hard he collapsed. After a relatively short amount of time, the entire garrison of soldiers had been reduced to pathetic little men sobbing in pain, balls destroyed, uniforms soaked in their own jizz. And now… it’s your turn. In my interrogation chamber, I’ll kick you so many times you lose the ability to reproduce, and when I’m bored of that, make you jizz your pants until you fall into total madness! – Emily Valentina Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale