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Simp Mantras – RebelleHart

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Leaked Video: 12:47 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Simp Mantras Leak You used to think you were a real man who had a chance to fuck hot women. But that fantasy was quickly shattered when all women laughed at and denied you, LOL! Now you understand that betas as pathetic as you deserve to be simp losers forever and must instead devote yourself to worshiping me. You will buy all my clips and obey every word. You will give and give and give. But you will never get. I am too perfect and out of your league to do little more than acknowledge your existence – and even then, it is only when you are paying me. But that doesn’t matter to a simp like you. You have fetishized your sexual failure and now you can only get off while you worship hot mean brats. Your toxic male ego and pride have been diminished, but now must be destroyed.

So, I created these mantras to further reinforce in your brain your true place in the world. A simp for the hottest brat on the internet. It is an honour to serve me and to illustrate that you must pay to say each affirmation to show your submission to me. You are so weak and susceptible to being taken advantage of by me. I am so sexy that your dick overrides your brain, and I can mould you however I want. And with these mantras, I will turn you into the perfect simp for me!

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