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Beg Me for It – Miss Isobel Devi

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Leaked Video: 18:51 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Beg Me for It Leak “A custom fantasy:

“A sensual, seductive, but very sadistic scene. No humiliation or degradation. Scene is focused on UNRELENTING BALL TORMENT. The male slave, who has a moderate tolerance for ball pain, has requested you help him to significantly increase his ball pain tolerance. You have him sign a release form, in case the session goes too far. You think “this will be a lot of fun; at least for me!” as you plan all the evil, sadistic things you will do to him. You bind your slave spread eagle, nude, and helpless to the bed and commence seductively teasing him. The session proceeds with increasingly painful ball torment, as your victim cries out in pain and struggles helplessly against his bonds. Each time the slave pleads for mercy you smile and seductively encourage him to take more, for your enjoyment. This continues, increasingly hardcore and without relief. It is obvious you are greatly enjoying this. When the ball pain is almost unbearable, you spring a terrifying surprise on your victim: “I want to destroy your balls, and I want you to beg me for it!. That’s what you really want!” Mixing teasing with the hardcore ball torment, you repeatedly demand the slave beg you to castrate him by popping his balls with your hands. When the slave is in agony and deep in sub-space, he finally relents and begs you to pop his balls with your hands. You smile and mercilessly squeeze his balls as he cums. Did his balls survive?” – Miss Isobel Devi Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale