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Humiliating and Eating Tiny Boyfriend – MaryRoseLove

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Leaked Video: 17:33 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Humiliating and Eating Tiny Boyfriend Leak I come home pissed off and immediately start looking for you. We got in a fight earlier and I’m pissed, especially after my rough day at work. After a couple minutes of searching for you while bitching, I found you cowering by the bed. I stand over you and burp while mercilessly teasing you for being so much smaller and weaker than me. After a couple minutes I pick you up, burp, and blow it on you before placing you on my desk. I sit down and tear into you while still burping. You were acting a fool liking other bitches pictures on instagram knowing how easily I can dominate you? Knowing how much better and stronger I am than you? And you’re always bitching about me burping in public because you’re such a pussy. I bring you close to my boobs and belly for some more burps. I put you on the bed and show you how much bigger my perfect ass is than you. I go grab a soda to get the biggest burps possible, then from a few different angles, like laying down next to you, laying on my back dangling you over my head, and sitting holding you, I keep burping on you and getting more aggressive, making comments about pummeling you, squashing you, etc. I decide I want to eat you, so I lift you up and tease you by almost eating you, but then I burp on you, and follow through with swallowing you whole. Afterwards, I lay bloated and taunting you, telling you that you never should have made me mad. Your movement on my belly makes me burp. – MaryRoseLove Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale