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Never Stop – Candy Glitter

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Leaked Video: 08:50 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Never Stop Leak Honestly, it’s like telling a chef to stop cooking. It’s like telling an olympic swimmer to stay away from water. It’s fucking silly, and yet… there’s this infectious thread of ideology that would have you believe you should… stop? Stop fucking your hand? What the fuck is the point? You may as well stop eating. Gooning is at the core of your life. So, think of this clip as affirmation. Think of this as a negation of all these toxic popular notions that would tell you to engage in this (ironically) masturbatory asceticism, and deny yourself the pleasure that you need. Keep it going. Pump your dick. Stare at the screen as you absorb all of my femdom content. Stroke your cock. Pleasure yourself. Goon. Goon, and NEVER fucking stop.

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