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Titonitzed Findom – Cali Logan

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Leaked Video: 21:03 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Titonitzed Findom Leak You’ve invited Cali over to hopefully help you out with her services even though you don’t know much about them. Wow, Cali is even more impressed with your home and riches than she thought she would be. She explains a little more about what she does, and she has a huge passion for helping people! Cali then asks if you would like to give it a try, you agree.

Cali begins by getting you to relax with a few deep breaths as you begin to focus strongly on her breasts…but she quickly redirects you to her eyes. You begin to focus strongly on her eyes, yes. As she really gets into it, your mind is no longer your own, it becomes Cali’s and you’re only there to listen and to do anything she says.

Since she already knows you have a thing for her breasts, she uses them to help you relax further. As you stare deep into her amazing cleavage, you can’t seem to think of much else. Cali starts with your wealth and how you, better yet how you are now going to be distributing it. It’s best to share the wealth, starting with Cali. She instructs you to pick up your phone and start sending money tributes her way.

How generous of you! Cali thinks there is more where that comes from as she removes her top to give you a better view of those breasts you can’t take your eyes off of. You are honored to have Cali drain you in every financial way. She begins to squeeze the tributes out of you, both physically and mentally. You’re completely under the control of those amazing tits.

You beg Cali to financially dominate you. As you stare at those perfect nipples, you beg her to ruin you. The more you can’t look away, the more desire you have to spend more. Cali mentions she wants to buy that vacation home from you and offers you $1.00…which you happily accept. Her car really hasn’t been running well either, and you are more than happy to take care of that as well.

As the session comes to an end, Cali reminds you that every time you think about those perfect breasts of hers, you will be happy to pick up your phone and send her $100…with a digital flower of course.

You no longer are the alpha male you were, you are Cali’s slave and she is going to domination you in everything. – Cali Logan Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale