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Pathetic And Premature – Candy Glitter

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Leaked Video: 07:28 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Pathetic And Premature Leak You know, you’re really missing out. I mean, on sex, yes, obviously. That’s not the point I was going to make, but it can’t hurt to remind ourselves that you miss out on sex entirely because your dick can’t keep itself from exploding (that’s probably not the only reason). No, but actually, my initial statement was that you’re missing out, and I was referring to all this fantastic fucking gooning content that I’m releasing recently. It’s a super popular genre, and people are really getting into it. But not you. I mean, you might be into it as a concept, but it’s among the many sexual experiences that are off limits to you due to your insufficient sexual (masturbatory?) stamina. Your dick is… literally insufficient to even enjoy all the various categories of porn. Wow. That’s really something. You’re so fucking pathetic. Pathetic AND premature.

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