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Xenia Onatopp by Lora Cross Ep 2 – Lora Cross

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Leaked Video: 04:18 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Xenia Onatopp by Lora Cross Ep 2 Leak I hope you enjoy this Goldeneye tribute to the character that spawned many men’s fantasies: Xenia Onatopp! She was a secret agent who used her intensely strong thighs to crush men with whom she was becoming intimate. What a dangerous opponent for 007!

In this episode, Xenia has been tasked with ‘giving a present’ to her target. She waits on his bed, and when the target arrives, he is surprised and angry. Xenia strips naked, showing that she is disarmed and at the same time disarming her mark of his suspicions. Xenia shoves him between her legs to eat her pussy to make up for his initial anger and rudeness.

Xenia’s target is doing a good job eating her pussy, but there is only one thing that lets Xenia finally reach climax: squeezing a man between her powerful and muscular thighs! When she bigs smashing her legs together, there is nothing that her target can do but to accept his fate between Xenia’s legs… – Lora Cross Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale