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CEI for my PVC – Sugar_Domme

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Leaked Video: 07:43 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – CEI for my PVC Leak PVC is your favourite fetish clothing. Mine too. And I wear it so well. The shiny vinyl exaggerates my curves, doesn’t it? I know you lose yourself a little when you are confronted with a sexy woman, dressed in PVC. You find it pretty hard to hold back your urges. They build up pretty quickly. You would so anything for Me when I am dressed in this sexy, black PVC. And I am going to make use of that fact!

I have a task for you. You might not enjoy it, but to be honest, I really don’t care. I will enjoy watching you complete it for ME, and that is all that counts!

Tonight, you are going to get really worked up for Me. I’m going to tease you and make that cock hard as a rock. And your brain extra foggy. I am going to put you to those knees, and cast you into subspace. From there, you will be so easy to manipulate. Bend to My every will. But I only have one outcome in mind for this task, subby! I have one end goal in sight, and YOU are not going to spoil a Goddess’ fun now, are you? No. I thought not! You are going to be a good, horny little bitch for Me, listen to My commands and follow orders to the letter.

Tonight, you are going to push yourself for Me. You are going to clean up after yourself if My tease pushes you beyond the edge. And of course, I wont be going easy on you. I already know that you wont be able o resist. So your only option will be to follow orders. To slurp up that sweet cum for Sugar. You are going to lick every last drop up for Me and you are going to thank Me for the pleasure.

Good boys ALWAYS do what Goddess says. Her wants of you are priority. I know how much you fantasise about it…now You will do it! For ME! – Sugar_Domme Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale