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Into The Mind, Now You’re Mine – Sugar_Domme

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Into The Mind – Now You’re Mine
Time for Me to take a deep dive into the mind of the willing. You are just about ready to take the plunge. Dip your toe into submission. To drop to your knees in surrender. In recognition of your desire. I am going to give you the nudge you need. I am going deep into that mind of yours. I am going to plant the seeds. You just have to sit back, relax, allow your body to loosen and your mind to unfold, as I guide you into submission. An extremely more-ish addition will birth from this experience with Me. A new part of your inner being will begin to call. The submissive that you do your best to push down, to bury, to suppress, will rise to the surface. Become harder and harder to ignore. Impulses to serve will become the forefront of your thoughts. Needs to become My good bitch will be the main focus of your desire. I will be all, and everything that consumes you. Sit back and allow My silky sweet voice to penetrate your malleable brain and rewire you as My ideal slave. Lights Off, Headphones on! – Sugar_Domme Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale