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With the 123Movies service you can watch full free movies and tv shows online. Database is updated daily and you can use the search bar to find what you want to watch ! Or you can browse by genres, imdb rating or release year.

If you are a fan of online streaming, then there is a good chance that you have already heard of 123movies. It is a streaming site operated from Vietnam with millions of videos and movies; it is well known for its extensive library of clips and films viewed by millions of people from around the globe. Watching films has been made extremely convenient ever since the start of modern technology, the movies can be downloaded to watch later or streamed live. In today’s world where you have a smart device with you all the time, there is no need to go to the cinema to watch the latest movie. You can easily enjoy all the latest movies from the comfort of your home. You can watch all old and new movies on sites like 123Movies.123Movies is one of the most widespread and prevalent sites available online for streaming anything; from movies to live shows to TV-shows to clips from around the world etc. On 123Movies there is no need to subscribe to a channel or pay for the subscription, all you need to have is a stable internet connection and you are good to go. It is a free website available to you 24/7 and you can stream anything you want to.However, the official site was taken down in early 2018 by the Vietnamese authorities stating it to be the world's most popular and used site, but the copies of the site exist to date and are easily accessible to everyone. This clearly shows how much online streaming websites are in demand and how much people enjoy streaming their favorite films. Even though it is a popular website, it has still faced several legal issues on copyright grounds. In a few countries, the services of the website are geo-restricted which eventually resulted in many cloned 123Movies sites.

Features and Benefits of 123Movies

This is one of the most popular and widely used websites for streaming movies and videos. Below we have listed down some of the features of this website.

No Subscription or Charges whatsoever

123Movies has a wide range of movies and films and the best part is that everything is free of charge. You do not have to subscribe or pay even a penny for streaming a film. All the movies on the site are free; you do not even have to hassle with creating an account. 

Smart Interface

The interface of the website is very user-friendly and updated; you can simply select any movie and play it without any hindrance. The interface of the site is what has set the bar very high for online streaming websites. Everything is displayed in categories and it is smart enough to suggest the movies constructed on your history, this is done by Gainsthroughgaming company.  


When watching a film online on our website, you can pause, rewind, fast forward, replay, stop the movie any time, and as many times you would like - unlike when you are watching it on the television. With 123Movies, you choose which, when, and where to watch the movie. It saves you a lot of time and stress as it is very convenient to stream a movie online. Here, you do not have to worry about meeting the movie schedule; you can use the site 24/7.

Limitless Access

On 123Movies, one can watch movies for free. You have unlimited access to a vast variety of films and videos. You have an option of buffering/loading on the site; you can watch the movie without any charges or obstruction once it has loaded. Moreover, there is no restrain of watching a single movie at a time; you can open as many movies as you want to buffer them.


We provide you access to high-quality videos. It provides you with video quality ranging from 120p to 4k or 4D. In addition to this, the sound quality of movies is also outstanding. It guarantees the video and audio quality for an obstruction in less time.

Why you might need a VPN to use 123movies

With streaming on our website, there is one thing that you certainly want to consider and that is using a VPN. Since it is a site and does not guarantee you any security it is so much better that you take care of your privacy and security and that can be done by using a VPN while streaming your favorite movie on 123Movies. The use of a VPN improves the security of the device you are using i.e. computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. A VPN offers a controlling code which eventually makes it impossible for hackers or intruders to view your data or activity. With the use of a VPN, a third party can never view your activity, even if the site or system has a way out the VPN encryption makes it impossible for the hackers to intrude the system. The VPN saves you from anyone who wants to spy on your online activity or snoop into your data, it could be a hacker who wants to install malware or even a service provider who wants to spy on your activity. By using a VPN you will have the relief of knowing that your online existence and experience are safe and private. You can watch videos and stream films with the use of a VPN like before but in the safest way. The use of a VPN keeps you protected online and at the time it gives you access to even those streaming websites that might be restricted in your area. 


123Movies is the world's most popular streaming website. It has an extensive library of all new and old movies of all genres. It gives you easy access to all the films and clips ever released on the internet, it is extremely easy and convenient to use and it is available 24/7 for use. All you need is a smart device and a stable internet connection to access this website; you can stream your favorite movie or download it to watch later as well. You might want to use it with a VPN for your safety and security.